Global System Integrator Database

CFE Media’s Global System Integrator Database is a quick and easy tool that educates end-users about existing technologies, and connects them with the most suitable service providers for each unique application. Through this database, end-users can view the full corporate profile of any system integrator, which demonstrates their unique automation capabilities.

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Industries Served

Search among discrete, hybrid, process, and other industries. Whether you need an integrator who serves both the appliances and machine building industries, or one that deals only in transportation, our GSID will find you the perfect integrator.


Engineering Specialties

Be as specific as you like. We have over 50 engineering specialties listed in our database. Find and integrator that works best for you.


Vendor Experience

We understand the need for an experienced integrator. Take a look at specific companies each integrator has worked with to better help you determine which integrator is right for you.

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Simply, Control Engineering and the SI Database produce tangible benefits for our company by connecting us directly to new clients who we would otherwise not. We recommend Control Engineering and the SI Database to all of our friends in the industry and we testify to the genuine value it provides us in helping us achieve our long term, strategic marketing objectives.

Jacob S. Haugen, MS, Portland Engineering Inc.


It is easy to use, professionally designed, and has given us a great deal of exposure to clients we wouldn’t normally be able to reach. We have had more clients contact us with this solution than any other System Integrator database combined. We not only going to renew our profile this year, we plan on upgrading.                                                                                      

William Aja, Panacea Technologies

A better way to search

CFE Media’s Global System Integrator Database is an interactive community of global end-uses and system integrators hosted by Control Engineering, Plant Engineering, and our global partners in Asia and Europe. Through this database end-users will be able to connect with System Integrators by searching their corporate profiles which highlight: industries served, engineering specialties, product experience, geography, and other pertinent data.

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